Peachy Keen: Halloween

As far as Holidays go – we Scobeys love them. We decorate. We dress up. We eat, sleep and breath them… especially Halloween. Not only is it the official beginning of the Holiday Season, but we have history with Halloween. Way back, when Graham and I were in the 8th grade, we almost had our first kiss on Halloween (I say almost because I ended up tripping over a curb and falling on my booty… thereby postponing our first kiss for another year… I’m super graceful like that).

This Halloween was one for the books: we got to take our sweet little girl Trick-or-Treating… and then we got to eat all of her candy.

Love. Love. Love and Happy Holidays, Y’all!

  • Jim Altieri - I love the placement of the raisin box… did you photoshop that in to look like responsible candy hating parents :)

  • Lauren Strahan - I miss this adorable little face!! Can’t wait to kiss those precious cheeks in less than a week! Your pictures are breathtaking! Love what you do!
    Your big sis

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