Peachy Keen: Shooting Outside of the Box

Challenge. It is something that we can all agree is important. Necessary, even.

One of my big goals for 2011 is to challenge the way that I shoot; change it up a bit and step out of my comfort zone. Trying to figure out how to accomplish this goal? Well, that is the hard part. Until this little baby fell into our laps.

Graham has been shooting since highschool, so he has dealt with film. He understands the pros and cons; ups and downs. I, on the other hand, do not. I jumped on this train fully digital, not knowing the first thing about film (learning my way around a DSLR seemed confusing enough at the time). Last weekend, a family friend brought this camera to us. Graham’s dad had given it to this friend a long time ago… and he unearthed it recently. It’s so pretty – and worn – and heavy. And the lenses are threaded.

So, as a personal challenge to myself this year, I am going to learn how to shoot with film. Of course, I’ll continue to shoot digital 99% of the time… but I just think it will be really cool to understand and begin to appreciate film. My initial goal is to learn how to shoot with this camera – then I will try to find some personal projects – and I’ll share them with all of you.

Cheers to always having something new to learn! Next stop: cave etching 101!

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