Peachy Keen: The Black Rapid Strap

There are a few things that make shooting a little bit easier on the ole’ bod. Our soaker tub, for example, is the most wonderful thing in the Universe after 8+ hours on our feet. Today, though, we want to brag a little bit on our favorite camera strap.

It’s black. It’s rapid. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you The Black Rapid Strap.

We bought our first R-strap about a year ago and, after dealing with heavy straps cutting into our necks, this baby felt like a dream. It is comfortable, and makes your camera easily accessible… and, for the females out there, the women’s version has little flowers on it:)

So, to share our love of Black Rapid, we are giving one away! To enter, just tell us: what is the one thing (or two or three) that makes your job a little bit easier? Tell us below (and be sure to leave your e-mail). We will randomly select a winner in a couple of weeks. Good Luck!

  • Eva Marina - Comfortable shoes and an understanding husband.

  • Lauren - Attack of the camera strap is the worst! This looks pretty awesome. :)

    Things that make my job a little bit easier?
    1- Moleskin to prevent (and protect) angry I’ve-been-shooting-for-a-whole-day-in-pretty-flats blisters.
    2- Lowepro Slingshot– lots less painful than a lot of backpacks I’ve used, and I like being able to swing it around front.
    3- Garmin Nuvi. I used to get lost after weddings, and frequently end up in the projects. No more freaked out calls to my sleeping husband at 1 am!

  • Lauren - Well, I’d been thinking about trying out one of these babies, but why buy when I could win!?

    What makes this job easier? Having my best friend as an assistant (especially one who never fails to remember the snacks and bottled water), and my LaCie rugged external hard drive.

    Love y’all!

  • Alli - Since my job is being a mommy, I’ll definitely say that Veggie Tales makes it easier!

  • Lauren Strahan - If I am family do I still qualify?! Cause I REALLY want one of those!
    So my job is being a stay at home mom for little Sophi. There are several things that make my “job” a little easier. 1. LOTS of PRAYER!! 2. A really good “mom” friend to vent to, share ideas with, and have adult conversations with during the day!
    3. A supportive husband who is willing to help out makes life so much easier! 4. My iphone – it is amazing how entertaining that can be for a little one when you have run out of ideas or are in a public place when your child is about to have a melt down!

    Love your work guys! So excited to see all that you do this year!

  • Kelly - One thing that makes my job easier is a great support group of friends and family! Also, Wonder Pets. ;)

  • amanda - Things that make my life easier:

    1) Shootsac- no more rummaging around for lens
    2) second shooter- my end all, be all thing that makes my life easier!
    3) aleve at the end of the wedding – I always pop one after a wedding to make sure I can sleep if my feet are killing me or my neck is hurting from hauling around a 20 lb camera bag :)

  • Mandy - I’m currently a graphic design intern as well as a nanny.

    Up until last June, I had been interning and doing school work using a Dell. If you can imagine, it was very difficult. I had to have the computer replaced 3 times by Dell and even then it still had problems with freezing and blue screens of death. The battery was a lost case with every Dell replacement within 9 months, so I always had to be plugged into the wall. In June I bought my first Mac and my life has been much less complicated since then. Now when my intern supervisor says “jump” I can!

    As far as nannying goes, the game Sorry! has been a lifesaver! I brought it down my first day watching the kids, and they fell in love with the game. Now any time I need them to do something, I offer to play Sorry! afterwards and what needs to happen happens. Yay for easy kids and fun games!

  • Kayleen T. - Love the new logo! Things that make my job easier… coffee, random sweet treats and mid-day naps :)

  • Christine - my music and headphones make such a difference to me!

  • Lacey DellaPace - Hmmmm…I would have to say TWO GREAT bosses who are quite possibly the most awesome and did I mention coolest bosses in the world! (Am I getting any brownie points here? And if so, can these count towards the giveaway?) Juuuussst kidding! No but really, you guys are fantastico! You make work fun which is the best! And I cannot leave out my AMAZING husband who makes all of my jobs much much easier to balance!!

  • Michelle Khordos - The main thing that makes my job easier:
    having a corporate background!
    Nothing like doing something you hate to make you appreciate doing something you love.

  • Marcie Maler - Three things that make my job easier:
    Weather at a perfect temperature – I’m not freezing and I’m not having hot flashes.
    My husband’s experience as a photographer and his useful tips..he has helped become what I am today.
    Both of us have creative backgrounds. That helps us out BIG time!

  • Lenny Machin - One thing that makes my job (& life) a little easier is Psalm 56:3-4 “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.
    4 In God, whose word I praise—
    in God I trust and am not afraid.
    What can mere mortals do to me?”

    This also makes my job easy: 1Jon.4:10 “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice forc our sins.”

  • fiona kelly wedding photography - The things that make my job easier:
    - clothing with lots of pockets. Its amazed me the things I have ended up carrying for brides & grooms
    - my iphone. I dont know how I did my job before!
    - good shoes. They can make all the difference at the end of a long day.

  • Daniël - I hope the contest is still on!

    How can a Black Rapid Strap make my job easier? As sportsphotographer, mainly athletics, i’m walking a lot with my heavy camera. When i’m on the move with my 70-200mm lens, i need to keep it in my hand because i don’t want to have a big lens sticking out of my chest. Getting my camera and lens in a more comfortable position would be great, both for me and people who are standing in front of me. The best solution can’t be any another product than a Black Rapid Strap!


  • Holly Strebel - A nanny would make my job easier but the hubby says no. Dang! :)

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