• Sara Harper

    Sara loves to meet new people and travel to new places. She has a special love for details and moments.

    The Scobeys

    Graham and Ashley are the founders and Primary Photographers at Scobey Photography. They believe in people and love.

    Bre Sessions

    Bre is our contagiously joyful, red-head. Her laugh is one-of-a-kind, as are her remarkable images.

On Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

It started out as a joke: wouldn’t it be funny if we all ran the half-marathon. Graham and I used to run them in college… but that was seven years ago; before babies and businesses and adult responsibilities. But wouldn’t it be funny. So we took the first step and signed up. And then we […]

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  • Alli - Way to go guys! I’m so impressed.

  • Alison - That is awesome!!! Congrats on facing it and doing it! I could think of every reason and excuse in the world why I couldn’t/didn’t run. Then I realized I only needed one reason to- I wanted to and ran the first lesson of couch to 5k this weekend!

Married: Lizzie and Matt

Her Dad stood in the middle of the dance floor, unable to take his eyes off of his Daughter as he spoke. Her eyes sparkled with tears as she listened to him: “This day has been extraordinary and you, Lizzie, are absolutely beautiful… but then you know that comes from the inside, don’t you?”. And […]

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  • Rupa - Gorgeous couple & UH-mazing photos – just beautiful!!!

  • Nadine - Truly amazing photography, Scobey Crew!!! It was a pleasure viewing and your comments were so touching.

  • Stephen Mancuso - The whole day was amazing! I love Lizzie so much, to meet her family and Matt and to see how much love is among them, made me happy all day! I wish them the best always.
    Working with you guys was a blast! Your photos are beautiful!!! Great day :)

  • Carmen - These are absolutely amazing! What a gorgeous bride and groom. Every post is better than the last.

  • Cloudy Day Photography - Incredible photos! You captured the tough indoor lighting with amazing colors and compositions.

  • Katie @ Lovebird Productions - Gorgeous, gorgeous wedding and couple! The Dad’s quote made me teary! You have such an amazing talent :)

  • kayla :) - all time favorite images!! you guys are sooo incredibly talented! Such an inspiration :)

  • Alison - Absolutely stunning bride! I can’t even pic a favorite!

Engaged: Lisa and Mike

There is a long-standing tradition in Graham’s family of men who looooove airplanes, and so when Lisa and Mike called us with the idea for a travel-inspired engagement session (to reflect their Barbados Destination Wedding) our fingers might have gone numb from excitement, and we might have accidently dropped the phone. But then we picked […]

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  • Lisa Baxter - We had a blast too! Thank you so much for helping our idea become reality! Can’t wait to see all the pics – you guys rock ~ Lisa & Mike

Peachy Keen: Spring Cleaning

Please don’t judge me for the words I am about to type. I love Spring cleaning. It literally gets scheduled in my planner at the beginning of the year; broken down… in phases… room by room… task by glorious task. Ok – roll those eyes – still with me? Hear me out. It isn’t just […]

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  • Cait - I couldn’t agree with you more!! Spring cleaning is the best! When you’re finished it’s like a HUGE weight is lifted from your shoulders. It’s invigorating!!!

  • Leslie - I totally agree with you, Ashley! I’ve never planned it out, but you have inspired me! I love getting rid of the old and making room for the new. It just makes me feel cleaner, lighter, and happier! So who cares what others may think- you clean and organize to your heart’s content! Happy Spring Cleaning!

  • Allison - WOW! That is impressive! I spring clean in my head, but never follow through and actually do it!

  • atlanta catering - I definitely concur! I need to get on this asap! Cute blog!

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